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TibiaFun EU TeamSpeak 3


TibiaFun EU is hosting a TeamSpeak 3 Server for you and your friends.
Keep in mind that the rules for using the TibiaFun TeamSpeak are the same as ingame.

If you need Support we advice you to use the TeamSpeak Support Channels.
A Staff member will be there in no time to help you and answer your Questions.

Player Services:
If you like to have a chat with your Team there are 4 different Player Rooms.
To avoid problems due to war-time you have the opportunity to get access to one of the Private Player Rooms (for free).

Connection Information:
IP: teamspeak.tibiafun.eu
Port: 9987
Password: (no password)

Download TeamSpeak 3
Click on the image to be redirected to the official TeamSpeak 3 website.